Lakeport Community Association

Junction of Elm Street and Union Avenue, Lakeport Square, NH

Lakeport Community Association continues refitting the pieces


        Always looking to find the right pieces to fit, the Lakeport Community Association has added a couple of items to its collection.  They have purchased the 50-foot, 40 ton, metal boxcar in place on the sidetrack of the Lakeport Freighthouse. 


        And the LCA is researching the boxcar's history and raising funds to restore painting historically correct.  They will be selling three choices of puzzles each with collages of historic images of Lakeport, Laconia and the Weirs at their yard sales on September 13 and October 11and at their booth at Laconia Multicultural Market Day on September 6.  Manufactured by Piece Time Puzzles, each is 300 pieces measuring 19" x 13" when completed and sell for  $20 each.  

        The Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society has lent their support through their newsletter and help with research.  Soon the LCA men will be at work restoring the boxcar. For more information or donations, contact the Lakeport Community Association, PO 6015, Lakeport, NH 03247, call 603-524-5473, write or visit